Our workshops have been presented and approved for CLE Credit in 24 states, 4 Canadian provinces, and 7 Australian states or territories.

We love to take on the most difficult subject matter--be it mental health/substance abuse awareness, ethics & professional responsibility, sexual misconduct and harassment, corporate compliance, or diversity and inclusion--and provide a memorable (and perhaps surprisingly) enjoyable learning experience.

Click on any of the programs below for a complete description, and see how we can help you or your firm or organization address the most daunting content--and come out smiling and smarter.

"Nobody Told Me There’d Be Days Like These!"

Stress, Pressure, & Ethical Decision-Making

Law, Accounting, Health Care, Corporate Compliance

The Accidental Lawyer: Terms of Engagement

How to Stay out of Trouble When You are Out of the Office


"The Race of Our Lives"-Leveraging Our Diverse Resources to Build a Better (Law Firm, Company, or Team)

Law, All

"That'll Never Happen Here"

Cultivating a Workplace Culture Less Conducive to Sexual Harassment and Misconduct

Law, Accounting, Health Care, Corporate Compliance

Illumination of Bias

Practical Strategies for Recognizing and Reducing Implicit Bias in the Practice of Law (or the Workplace)

Law, Accounting, Healthcare, Corporate Culture

Cultivating Cultural Competence:

Creating and Maintaining a Respectful, Productive Workplace for People of All Kinds

Law, Health Care, Accounting, Corporate Culture

“Accidental Racists” - and Other Elephants in the Room

The Impact of Implicit Bias in the Practice of Law (or the Workplace)

Law, Accounting, Healthcare, Corporate

“Don’t Let the Jokers Drive You Batty!”

What We Can Learn from Batman about Maintaining our Sanity (and Ethics) in the Practice of Law


"Passing the Torch...While Its Still Got Heat!"

How to Start Leveraging Your Legal Experience NOW for Maximum Value for the Days to Come


“U North or True North?”

The Challenges of Ethical Decision-Making for In-House Counsel

Law, Corporate Compliance

Professional Wrestling is Real!

Resilience Training for the Long Haul in the Practice of Law

Law, Accounting

"Court"-ing Disaster

Practical Guidance for Other Professionals in Navigating the Legal System

Health Care Professionals, Accounting, Engineering, Architecture

Ethical Train Wrecks and Other Avoidable Disasters

Practical Steps to Heading Off Misconduct Before It Happens

Law, Accounting, Healthcare, Corporate

Wellness in "Reel Life"

What We Can Learn from the Movies about Self-Awareness & Self-Care

Law, Accounting, Healthcare, Corporate

“Get Busy Negotiating, or Get Busy Fighting…”

Lessons from Shawshank Prison on Preparing for a More Productive Mediated Settlement Conference

Law, Corporate

Practicing “Dirt Law” and Keeping Your Nose Clean

Stress and Ethical Decision-Making for Real Estate Attorneys


Patently Obvious: Is Your Practice Infringing on Your Life?

Stress and Ethical Decision-Making for Intellectual Property Attorneys


Effectively Counseling Clients Experiencing Grief and Loss

Recognizing Bias and Deepening Your Cultural Humility and Cultural Competence

Intentional Decision-Making

Issues in Professionalism and Ethics for Therapists

“When in Doubt, Be Human”

The Ethics of the Therapeutic Relationship

“You’re Breaking Up With Me?”

The Ethics of Termination

What’s the Dual?

The Ethical Implications of Multiple Relationships

“OMG!!! I Have to Present!"

Creating Informative and Entertaining Multimedia Presentations

Just Mercy

Illuminating Bias, Confronting Systemic Racism, and Doing the Hard Work that Needs to be Done