"That'll Never Happen Here"

Cultivating a Workplace Culture Less Conducive to Sexual Harassment and Misconduct

The cultural phenomenon known as the “#MeToo Movement” has continued to challenge businesses of all sizes to pay better attention to—and more effectively address—the prevalence and severity of sexual harassment in the workplace. No industries have been immune to increased scrutiny regarding these issues; to the contrary, there is a heightened level of concern in the legal, accounting, healthcare and corporate worlds. 

A key objective of this interactive, facilitated workshop is to help businesses build a healthy culture. We explore the legal and practical challenges that all employers need to understand and overcome in addressing sexual misconduct in the workplace.  Using clips from popular TV shows such as NBC’s The Office and Parks & Recreation, participants will have a unique opportunity to explore through meaningful discussions the challenges in navigating this politically and personally charged area. We will help participants develop practical, sustainable strategies for preventing sexually-related misbehavior in the workplace from happening, let alone ripening into an actionable sexual harassment claim, without completely regulating or controlling employees’ lives to an unhealthy degree.

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