Practicing “Dirt Law” and Keeping Your Nose Clean

Stress and Ethical Decision-Making for Real Estate Attorneys

2012 “ACLEA’s Best” Programming winner

The practice of real estate law has always had its share of stress, regardless of whether the eceonomy is soaring or tanking. (The stresses of the "boom" times are different in nature and kind than those of a recession, but they are stressors nonetheless.) This seminar (the only one which we can currently describe as "award-winning") examines the links between the ethical and professional demands of real estate practice-whether in times of “feast” or “famine”--and an attorney’s mental health. Using clips from the legal thriller Changing Lanes, this presentation provides a powerful and entertaining forum for exploration of the manifold sources of stress often in play during the course of a real estate transaction (or a high volume series of transactions), and the corresponding toll they can take on an attorney’s mental health and psychological well-being (and vice versa).

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