“As attorneys we wrestle with ethical dilemmas every day. This program made the struggle seem universal, noble–and a whole lot of fun.”

Jay M. Reeves, a/k/a The Risk Man

“It was one of the first CLE classes that really made me think of ethical issues in a very practical manner as opposed to in theory. In 18 years of attending such classes it was the most enjoyable experience I have had. The best compliment I can give you is I almost forgot to check my blackberry. (My wife will tell you that is some compliment.)”

Stephen L. Brown, Esq., Charleston, SC

"The best ethics/mental health seminar I've been to in-well, since we first were required to attend any at all."

Jerry Jernigan, Esq., Charlotte, NC

"The program [Passing the Torch] was entertaining and I left the New Jersey Law Center around lunchtime on a warm, sunny, September Saturday feeling like it was time well spent. Michael Kahn and Chris Osborn had a truly creative and engaging method for presenting their material and Tom Lenfestey’s contribution added real substantive value. I hope to see more offerings by ReelTime in future CLE schedules."

Stephanie M. Kay, Esq.

“I train adults for a national service organization and teach at the Citadel, and it was refreshing to have instructors who had the ability to put together an entertaining and informative seminar. I thought the art had been lost and only a few of us still knew how.”

Thomas H. Brush, Esq., Charleston, SC

"I saw people attending who were actively engaged, not just putting in time. I didn't see any phones out besides mine and that was just to keep adding to my parking meter."

CPD Participant (Saskatchewan, Canada)

"Wow! I’m impressed; I came with low expectations: a dry, inapplicable, boring presentation with a hard-to-read PowerPoint presentation. What a refreshing surprise. I loved the movie clips and the follow-up discussions. Also, the suggestions were very useful."

CLE Participant (Portland, OR)
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