“It was one of the best CLE’s I have attended. It is rare to have this much interaction in a class and you facilitated it like masters.”

Chris Marohn, Esq. Former Director, CLE Arizona State University Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law

“As attorneys we wrestle with ethical dilemmas every day. This program made the struggle seem universal, noble–and a whole lot of fun.”

Jay M. Reeves, a/k/a The Risk Man

“It was one of the first CLE classes that really made me think of ethical issues in a very practical manner as opposed to in theory. In 18 years of attending such classes it was the most enjoyable experience I have had. The best compliment I can give you is I almost forgot to check my blackberry. (My wife will tell you that is some compliment.)”

Stephen L. Brown, Esq., Charleston, SC

“The best mandatory CLE I have attended. Wish [there were] more like [this]. Brilliant!”

Sydney, Australia

"The best ethics/mental health seminar I've been to in-well, since we first were required to attend any at all."

Jerry Jernigan, Esq., Charlotte, NC

"Interesting speakers and presentation. I thought the format for this seminar was great, kept my interest and intrigue from beginning to end."

Winnipeg, Manitoba

“Unique format was a refreshing change. Seemed to go by much more quickly than most CLE seminars.”

Former U.S. Magistrate Judge Carl Horn III, (W.D.N.C)

"Lively engagement, personal presentations style; video presentation makes potentially painful subject more bearable."

Sydney, Australia

"The program [Passing the Torch] was entertaining and I left the New Jersey Law Center around lunchtime on a warm, sunny, September Saturday feeling like it was time well spent. Michael Kahn and Chris Osborn had a truly creative and engaging method for presenting their material and Tom Lenfestey’s contribution added real substantive value. I hope to see more offerings by ReelTime in future CLE schedules."

Stephanie M. Kay, Esq.

“I train adults for a national service organization and teach at the Citadel, and it was refreshing to have instructors who had the ability to put together an entertaining and informative seminar. I thought the art had been lost and only a few of us still knew how.”

Thomas H. Brush, Esq., Charleston, SC
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