If you are reading this, you likely know better than anyone else how (and how much!) your employees and managers would benefit from improving their mental health and wellness on the job. Well-being and resilience in the face of stress and other challenges are two crucial pre-requisites for sound decision-making and maintaining healthy relationships, both of whch in turn are essential for nurturing a healthy corporate culture. 

At ReelTime Creative Learning Experiences, our diverse and truly interdisciplinary team of facilitators, presenters, and coaches are uniquely equipped to help your law firm, company, or non-profit organization make practical steps towards better mental health and well-being. 

We originally developed our dynamic, interactive workshop format in 2007 as a way to provide the mental health and substance abuse awareness credit that lawyers in many states have to obtain. In states where there was no such requirement, we designed our programs to satisfy rigorous standards for ethics and professionalism credit, while still emphasizing the connection to mental health and well-being that we believe is so fundamental to ethical and professional behavior. That means that our programs have been scrutinized relentlessly and repeatedly to make sure that they deliver practical guidance, and can make an actual impact on how people function in the workplace and as members of a team.

At the same time, we have continually refined our approach over 10+ years to keep participants fully engaged and actively learning throughout a program. Behavioral change is never accomplished by the mere imparting of more information, and "talking heads" are no more effective on this thorny topic than any other.  People learn better by doing, and by engaging in dialogue, rather than being lectured to or at. So we leverage the value of every moment in a training program for maximum impact by geting the particpants involved and engaged, form the jump.  We are most gratified when a participant "complains" after a presentation, often with a bit of a sheepish grin, that he or she "wasn't able to get any work done" during the program. 

Having entertained and educated some of the toughest and most skeptical audiences you can find, we are uniquely equipped to help you provide your leadership teams, stakeholders, managers, and employees in any profession or industry with practical tools to live and work more productively and with greater overall satisfaction.  Call us today to find out how we can help you improve employee morale and productivity, cultivate a healthier corporate culture, and increase the "bottom line" for your business or organization.