Based on an ORIGINAL screenplay and short film by ReelTime CLE! (Straight to DVD!)

Nobody Told Me

(2.0 Hours as recorded, or in a 3.0 Hour version with small group discussion questions or individual reflection exercises)


Most serious legal malpractice claims and successful state bar disciplinary actions are brought not for debatable violations of arcane, ambiguous, provisions of the Rules of Professional Conduct, but, in fact, for clear breaches of obvious, well-defined ethical obligations.  (Don’t take money from the client trust account. Don’t sleep with the attractive domestic client you are representing in an ongoing divorce proceeding. Be candid with the court., etc..) It’s not rocket science—in fact, anyone who has sat in on a basic Professional Responsibility class would know such conduct is ethically problematic. And yet it happens. A lot. Even to our own friends and colleagues.

This engaging, highly interactive program provides a fresh and practical perspective on the fundamental question, “Why do ‘good’ lawyers ‘go bad’?” Based on a brand new original short film, written and co-produced by Michael and Chris, interspersed with a discussion among 4 experienced legal malpractice defense attorneys regarding the intersection of ethical decision-making and the manifold sources of stress encountered by attorneys in day-to-day practice.