ReelTime Creative Learning Experiences was formed in 2007 in response to a fairly daunting challenge: developing and presenting seminars on ethical decision-making and mental health/substance abuse awareness for lawyers. As we soon learned, that's not only a pretty tough crowd to please, but some of the most daunting subject matter to address and make interesting. Needless to say, we had our work cut out for us.

We met that challenge by leveraging both our love of good movies and our unique backgrounds (Chris' experience as a practicing lawyer and former law school professor, and Michael's as a psychotherapist and former lawyer) to create a unique facilitated workshop format that would engage attendees and treat them as active participants in the learning process. Our basic hope was simply to provide an enjoyable learning experience, and perhaps by doing so to earn the right to challenge unhelpful modes of thinking, promote greater self-awareness about decisions and their consequences, and connect the participants to their colleagues as valuable resources for encouragement and support.

Over ten years later, we are humbled and amazed at how much fun we have had, how much we ourselves have continued to learn, and how appreciative folks have been about our workshops around the U.S., Canada, and even Australia. As it turns out, that "tough crowd" really likes coming to a workshop and being treated as if they have something to offer, instead of just being talked at. (Well, most of them do.)  And our approach to ethical decision-making and other dreaded topics appears to have resonated with folks because we flat out refuse to concede that any topic has to be mind-numbingly boring. 

Our programs are suitable for "tough crowds" and daunting topics in all kinds of industries and contexts because we address the universal human behavioral dynamics that are almost always in play--whether an organization is aiming for better regulatory compliance, or trying to improve its diversity and inclusion initiatives, or managing any other kind of change or employee behavior.


"The best ethics/mental health seminar I've been to in-well, since we first were required to attend any at all."

Jerry Jernigan, Esq., Charlotte, NC

“As attorneys we wrestle with ethical dilemmas every day. This program made the struggle seem universal, noble–and a whole lot of fun.”

Jay M. Reeves, a/k/a The Risk Man

Meet the Team

Chris Osborn, J.D.

In addition to his ongoing work with ReelTime CLE, Chris Osborn is the founding principal of Osborn Conflict Resolution, which provides Superior Court mediations, collaborative law approaches for construction, business, and employment disputes, and pre-litigation conflict coaching and conflict conciliation services throughout North Carolina. Chris has been certified by the N.C. Dispute Resolution Commission as a Superior Court mediator since 2009, and has assisted the vast majority of his legal clients over the years to reach amicable resolutions in a wide variety of litigation matters, including business breakups, construction and employment law disputes, and will caveat disputes. His full professional bio can be found here.

Michael Kahn, M.Ed. Counseling, J.D.

Michael Kahn is a "recovering lawyer," having practiced for 6 years with the New Jersey Attorney General's office. He is a licensed Professional Counselor in the State of Oregon, and his psychotherapy practice has focused on helping clients deal with anxiety, depression, grief/loss, career satisfaction, and men's issues. He co-facilitates grief groups for lawyers in Oregon and Vancouver, BC. Michael presents training seminars and workshops on ethics, grief, wellness, diversity and inclusion and other topics throughout the U.S. and abroad, including for the U.S. military in Germany and Japan. He also is a professional coach and provides assistance with career issues, stress management, retirement, and coping with change.

Dr. Andrea Cochran, Ph. D. Psychology

Andrea joined the ReelTime team in July 2018.  Previously, she worked for a large healthcare organization providing psychological and behavioral health services. In addition to having worked as a licensed psychologist, she has created and facilitated professional development workshops for physicians, residents, and sport medicine practitioners.  She is a self-described "research nerd," having helped conduct numerous large-scale research studies and published manifold scholarly works.

Despite her adorably wonkish bent, Dr. Cochran is passionate about providing creative, innovative, and exceptional professional training to audiences worldwide. We are excited about leveraging her expertise in clinical and organizational psychology to enhance the behavioral health and welness insights that we weave into our programs.

Dr. Mary Howerton, Ph. D. Multicultural Counseling and Executive Coaching

Mary also joined the ReelTime team in July 2018. She has 30 years of experience in the areas of personal and professional leadership development, organizational culture advancement, and management and executive coaching. She has held leadership positions with the Mecklenburg County Bar Association and Hospice of Charlotte where she was the CEO, as well as Executive Director of the Charlotte American Cancer Society. She is an international presenter and facilitator on topics including communication skills, personal leadership, diversity issues and sexual harassment prevention. Clients note Mary's keen listening and intuitive skills. She believes that continuous self awareness is vital to personal and professional development.