ReelTime CLE seminars provide an entertaining and practical approach to understanding the behavioral dynamics of ethical decision-making and similarly perplexing workplace challenges for lawyers and other professionals. Our unique learning format is designed to catalyze productive, solution-oriented discussions about such challenging topics as compliance and ethics, mental health and resilience, diversity and inclusion, and cultivating a healthy corporate culture in law firms and all kinds of industries.

Using a mix of film clips, engaging exercises, and facilitated discussions, litigation attorney and former law professor Chris Osborn and former-lawyer-turned-counselor Michael Kahn consistently provide workshop participants with a learning experience that leaves a lasting impression and sows the seeds for genuine, sustainable change and improvement for individuals and the organizations they lead and serve.

To get a feel for how our workshops are different from most you may have experienced before, feel free to check out our two trailers. At the top right is a sneak peak at our first original CLE film Nobody Told Me There'd Be Days Like These: Stress, Pressure and Ethical Decision-Making in the Practice of Law. At bottom right is a montage of actual highlights from several pf our presentations.  And believe it or not, each one is actually somewhat entertaining.  See for yourself, though...

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