“Illumination of Bias”:

Understanding and Reducing the Impact of Implicit Bias in the Workplace

This program tackles the tricky subject of implicit bias (or "unconscious bias")  in the workplace through a series of 3 vignettes, followed by a facilitated roundtable discussion of experts on the subject. Poignant film vignettes and the frank conversations among a diverse group of lawyers and other professionals who have experienced and also been engaged in addressing this phenomenon help shine a light on the harm of implicit bias, both for individuals and the organizations in which they serve. Small group discussions and exercises can also be incorporated in order to provide a laboratory for developing practical strategies for identifying and mitigating the effects of implicit biases, and ultimately create a genuinely more inclusive and profitable enterprise.


Learning Objectives:  Participants in this workshop will be equipped to:

  • Identify implicit biases and understand how they operate, as well as the settings and circumstances in which they are more likely to show up

  • Understand the potential risks and harms of unchecked implicit biases-both to individuals and the organization as a whole

  • Employ practical tools and strategies for confronting instances of implicit bias and systemic injustices or inequities within the organization, as well as for how to handle the awkward situations when one is being confronted

  • Take practical steps towards creating a more genuinely inclusive work environment that respects the dignity and value of all persons, no matter their diverse viewpoints, beliefs, backgrounds, practices, or immutable characteristics