Ethical Decision-Making In The Political Realm

How and Why Our Leaders Go Bad (And What We Can Do About It)

The goal of this workshop is to help participants identify and better understand some of the root causes of catastrophic ethical and professional failure--both in the lives and practices of the politicians and leaders they support, as well as in their own--and to be better equipped to guard against them. Participants will discuss several particularly noteworthy recent political scandals (no sense identifying them here, since there are fresh ones all the time!), in an effort to identify the common threads and themes that run through them. Using these real-life examples, as well as clips from the 2012 George Clooney political thriller, Ides of March, participants will explore the manifold stresses, pressures, and forces that often influence a leader’s ethical decision-making process. Participants will then engage in a collaborative effort to design an action plan for maintaining their own ethical and professional commitments in the face of the particular pressures that often arise when the legal world and politics collide.