"Getting Home Safely Every Night": New Shifts You Can Make for the Safety of Yourself AND the Citizens You Encounter

Numerous highly publicized law enforcement encounters that have ended in use of deadly force over the last several years have caused a firestorm of controversy—and have left law enforcement officers and the citizens they protect and serve more on edge than perhaps any time in U.S. history. With the public and police officers alike feeling misunderstood, afraid, and scrutinized like never before, the average citizen encounter has grown dramatically more challenging, and the potential consequences of any miscues or misunderstandings have only increased in magnitude and severity.

What can law enforcement personnel do, as a practical matter, to better “protect and serve“ those to whom they have sworn duties, while still keeping a proper eye out for their own safety as well? This highly interactive workshop, developed in conjunction with a former police officer now working as a mental heath counselor, uses a series of movie clips to generate lively, “real-world” discussion of the day-to day challenges, risks, and hurdles that law enforcement personnel face on the job, and to identify practical strategies for navigating or mitigating them. The workshop reflects the colective wisdom of three trained professionals who have dedicated their careers to effective and practical conflict resolution and stress management in the fields of law, law enforcement, and counseling. Participants will be encouraged and equipped to help one another identify and implement the most effective strategies for truly “keeping the peace” wherever possible.